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star Arashi - A day in our life [PV+LIVE]
star Arashi - Ashita no Kioku [PV+LIVE]
star Arashi - Face Down [PV]

star Breakerz - Everlasting luv [PV]
star Flumpool - Kimi ni todoke [PV]
star Flumpool - Over the rain [PV+LIVE]
star Flumpool - Zanzou [PV]
star Galneryus - Hunting for your dream [PV]
star Jin Akanishi - Eternal [PV]
star Jin Akanishi - Seasons [PV]
star Big Bang - FXXK IT [MV]
star Makihara Noriyuki - Firefly ~ [PV]
star Mr. Children - Be strong [PV]
Nakayama Yuma - Missing piece [PV]
ONE OK ROCK - Be the light  [PV]
ONE OK ROCK - C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h. [PV]
ONE OK ROCK - Clock strikes [PV]
star ONE OK ROCK - Decision [PV]
star ONE OK ROCK - Cry out [PV]
star ONE OK ROCK - Heartache [PV]
star ONE OK ROCK - Last dance [PV]
star ONE OK ROCK - Mighty long fall [MV]
star ONE OK ROCK - Taking off [PV]
ONE OK ROCK - The beginning [PV]

star ONE OK ROCK - The way back [MV]
star ONE OK ROCK - We are [MV]
star Shiina Ringo - Ariamaru Tomi [LIVE]


star 100% - Guy like me [MV + LIVE]
star 2AM - Can't let you go even if I die [MV]
star 2AM - I was wrong [MV]
star 2AM - I was wrong [MV]
star 2AM - I wonder if you hurt like me [MV]
star 2AM - One spring day [MV]
star2AM & 2PM - Oneday [MV]
star 2AM - Over the destiny [MV]
star 2AM - Regret [MV]
star 2NE1 - Can't nobody [MV]
star2NE1 - Clap your hands [MV]
star2NE1 - Go away [MV]
star 2NE1 - I don't care [MV]
star 2NE1 - It hurts [MV]
star 2NE1 - Lonely [MV]
star 2PM - 10 jeom manjeome 10 jeom [MV]
star 2PM - 365 [MV]
star 2PM - Again and again [MV]
star 2PM - All day I think of you [MV]
star 2PM - Beautiful [MV]
star 2PM - Call my name [MAKING THE FILM]
star 2PM - Come back when you hear this song [MV]

star 2PM - Don't stop, can't stop [LIVE]
star 2PM - Fly to Seoul (Boom Boom Boom) [MV]
star 2PM - Follow your soul [MV]
star 2PM - Give me love [MV]
star 2PM - Go crazy [MV+PARTY VERSION]
star 2PM - Guilty love [MV]
star 2PM - Hands up [MV+LIVE]
star 2PM - Heartbeat [MV]
star 2PM - I'll be back [MV]
star 2PM - I'm your man [MV + LIVE]
star 2PM - Like a movie [LIVE]
star 2PM - Masquerade [MV]
star 2PM - My House [MV]
star 2PM - Only You [MV - LIVE1 - LIVE2]
star 2PM - Promise [MV]
star 2PM - Step by step [MV]

star 2PM - Suddenly [LIVE]
star 2PM -Thank you [MV]
star 2PM -Tired of waiting [LIVE]
star 2PM - Ultralover [MV]
star 2PM - Winter games [MV]

star 2PM - Without you [MV + LIVE]
star 2PM - Returns Comeback Show [SHOW]
star 2PM - Real 2PM - Taecyeon photoshoot for Men's Health [SHOW]
star 2PM - Real 2PM - Hands Up MV - Making the video in Singapore (part 1) [SHOW]
star 2PM - Real 2PM - Hands Up MV - Making the video in Singapore (part 2) [SHOW]
star 2PM - Real 2PM - Hands Up MV - Making the video (Wooyoung's Birthday) [SHOW]
star 2PM - Real 2PM - Photo Shoot for LG U+ [SHOW]
star 2PM - Real 2PM - Lookoptical CF�(Making the film) [SHOW]
star 2PM - Real 2PM - Lotte Duty Free Shop CF (part 1) [SHOW]
star 2PM - Real 2PM - Lotte Duty Free Shop CF (part 2) [SHOW]
star 2PM - Real 2PM - Evisu CF�(Making the film) [SHOW]
star 2PM - Real 2PM - This Christmas MV - Behind the scenes (part 1) [SHOW]
star 2PM - Real 2PM - This Christmas MV - Behind the scene (part 2)[SHOW]
star 2PM - Real 2PM - This Christmas MV - Behind the scenes (part 3)[SHOW]
star 2PM - Real 2PM - Hands Up Asia Tour [SHOW]
star 2PM - Real 2PM - Mr. Pizza CF�(Making the film) [SHOW]
star 2PM - Real 2PM - Caribbean Bay CF (part 1) [SHOW]
star 2PM - Real 2PM - Caribbean Bay CF (part 2) [SHOW]
star 2PM - Real 2PM - Happy 1000th day of 2PM [SHOW]
star 2PM - Real 2PM - I'll be back Dancetime [SHOW]
star 2PM - Real 2PM -  Live Tour 2012 in Shanghai "What time is it" [SHOW]
star 2PM - Real 2PM -  Junho's photoshoot [SHOW]
star 4Minute - Heart to heart [MV]
star Aaron Yan - The next me [MV]
star Aaron Yan - The moment [MV]
star Akdong Musician - Melted [MV]
star Ali ft. Junhyung - Don't act countrified [MV]
star Ailee ft. Yoonmirae - Home [MV]
star B1A4 - Baby goodnight [MV]
star B1A4 - Baby I'm sorry [MV]
star B1A4 - Beautiful target [MV + LIVE]
star B1A4 - OK [MV]

star B1A4 - Only learned about bad things [MV]
star B1A4 - Tried to walk [MV]
star B2ST - Bad girl [MV]
star B2ST - Beautiful [MV + LIVE]
star B2ST - Beautiful night [MV]
star B2ST - Fiction[MV]
star B2ST - I like you the best [MV]
star B2ST - I'm sorry [MV]

star B2ST - On rainy days [MV]
star B2ST - Shadow [MV]
star B2ST - Soom [MV + LIVE]
star B2ST - Take care of my girlfriend [MV]
star B.A.P. - 1004 [MV]
star B.A.P. - Coffee Shop [MV]
star B.A.P. - Coma [LIVE]
star B.A.P. - Feel so good [MV]
star B.A.P. - No mercy [MV]
star B.A.P. - Power [MV]
star B.A.P. - Rainy rainy [LIVE]
star B.A.P. - Rain sound [MV]
star B.A.P. - Skydive [MV]
star B.A.P. - Stop it [MV+LIVE]
star B.A.P. - What the hell [LIVE]
star B.A.P. - Where are you? What are you doing? [MV]
star B.A.P. - With you [LIVE]
star B.A.P. - Young, wild & free [MV]
Baby Soul ft. Wheesung - Better than strangers [MV]
star Baek Ah Yeon - Always [LIVE]
star Baek Ji Young ft. Taecyeon - My ears candy [MV]
star Bang Yong Guk - AM 4.44 [MV]
star Beast - 12:30 [MV]
star Beast - Butterfly [MV]
star Beast - Good luck [MV]
star Beast - Gotta go to work [MV]
star Beast - Last word [MV]
star Beast - More than you think [MV]
star Beast - No more [MV]
star Beast - Ribbon [MV]
star Beast - Sad movie [LIVE]
star Beast - Yey [MV]
star Bernard Park - Before the rain [MV]
star Bernard Park - I'm [MV]
Big Bang - Bad Boy (italian version) [MV]
Big Bang - Bad Boy (testaccio version) [MV]

star Big Bang - Bae bae [MV]
star Big Bang - Bang Bang Bang [MV]
Big Bang - Blue [MV]
Big Bang - Fantastic baby [MV]
star Big Bang - If you [LIVE]
star Big Bang - Lady [LIVE]
star Big Bang - Last dance [MV]
star Big Bang - Let's not fall in love [MV]
star Big Bang - Lollipop Pt.2 [MV]
star Big Bang - Loser [MV]
star Big Bang - Love Song [MV]
star Big Bang - Make Love [LIVE]
Big Bang - Monster [MV]
star Big Bang - My Heaven/Heaven [MV+LIVE]
star Big Bang - Sober [MV]
star Big Bang - Stupid Liar [LIVE]
star Big Bang - Tell me goodbye [MV]
star Big Bang - Tonight [MV]
star Big Bang - We like 2 party [MV]
star Big Bang - What is right? [LIVE]
star Big Byung - Stress come on [MV]
star Bang Yong Guk ft. Yoseob - I remember [MV]
star Blackpink - Stay [MV]
star Block B - A few years later [MV]
star Block B - Be the lght [MV]
star Block B - Nalina [MV]
star Block B - Very goodg [MV]
star BoA - Only oner [MV + LIVE]
star Brian Joo ft. Tiger JK - Let this die [MV]
star Broken Valentine - Aluminium [MV]
star BtoB - 2nd confession [MV]
star BtoB - Father [MV]
star BtoB - I only know love (Lover boy) [MV + LIVE]

star BtoB - Imagine [LIVE]
star BtoB - Insane [MV]
star BtoB - Irresistible lips [MV]
star BtoB - It's ok [MV]
star BtoB - I'll be your man [MV]
star BtoB - Remember that [MV]
star BtoB - The winter's tale [MV]
star BtoB - Thriller [MV]
star BtoB - WOW [MV]
star BtoB - When I was your man [MV]
star BtoB - You can cry [MV]
star BtoB Blue - Stand by me [MV]
star BTS - No more Dream [MV]
star BTS - War of hormone [MV]
star Busker Busker - Cherry blossom ending [MV]
star Busker Busker - Love, at first [MV]

star C-Clow - Because you might grow distant [MV]
star C-Clow - Solo [MV]
star C.N. Blue - Cinderella [MV]
star C.N. Blue - Hey You [MV]
star C.N. Blue - I'm sorry [MV]

star C.N. Blue - Intuition [MV + LIVE]
star C.N. Blue - Love Girl [MV]
star C.N. Blue - Still in love [MV]
star C.N. Blue - Can't stop [MV]
star CN Blue - You're so fine [MV]
star Cube Artist - Christmas Song [MV]
star Daesung - Rainy rainy [MV]
star Day6 - Congratulations [MV]
star Day6 - Letting go [MV]
star DBSK - Survivor [MV]
star DMTN - E.R. [MV]
star DMTN - Safety zone [MV + LIVE]
star Double A - Because I'm crazy  [MV]
star Drunken tiger - The cure [MV]
star Eddy Kim - Darling [MV]
star Epik High - Born hater [MV]
star Eru ft. Junhyung - I hate you [MV]
star Eunkwang ft. Yoon Sung Eun - Love virus [MV]

star Exid - Every night [MV]
star Exo - For life [MV]
star Exo - Growl [MV]

star Exo - Monster [MV]
star Exo - Sing for you [MV]
star Exo-K - History [MV]
star Exo-K - Mama [MV]
star Exo-K - Miracle in december [MV]
star Exo-K - What is love [MV]

star F.cuz - Dreaming I [MV]
star F.cuz - No one [MV]
star FT Island - Barae [ MV + LIVE]
star FT Island - I wish [LIVE]
star FT Island - Love love love [ MV + LIVE]
star FT Island - Madly [LIVE]
star FT Island - Memory [MV]
star FT Island - Pray [MV]
star FT Island - Raining [ MV + MAKING OF ]
star FT Island - Primavera [MV]
star FT Island - Severely [MV]
star G-Dragon - Crooked [MV]
star G-Dragon - One of a kind [MV]
star G-Dragon - That XX [MV]
star G.NA - Black & White [MV]
star G.NA - I already miss you [MV]
star G.NA - I'll back off so u can live better [MV]
star G.NA ft. Huh Gak - Mind sync [MV]
star G.NA ft. Sanchez -It's a beautiful day [MV]
star Gain ft. Bumkey - Fxxk u [MV]
star Giriboy - Back and forth 30min [MV]
star Giriboy - Take care of you [MV]
star GOD ft. Megan Lee - The story of our lives [MV]
star GOT7 - A [MV]
star GOT7 - If you do [MV]
star GOT7 - Just Right [MV]
star GOT7 - Stop stop it [MV]
star Group S - Without you [MV]
star G.Soul - You [MV]
star Hi Suhyun ft. Bobby - I'm different [MV]
star Henry - Fantastic [MV]
star Henry ft.Taemin & Kyuhyun - Trap [MV]
star HOTSHOT - Midnight sun [MV]
star Huh Gak - Along the days [MV]
star Huh Gak - Hello [MV]
star Huh Gak - I told you I wanna die [MV]
star Huh Gak - Snow of April [MV]
star Hyde - VIXX [MV]
star Hyun Ah ft. Jun Hyun - Change [MV]
star Hyunseung ft. Hyuna - Trouble maker [MV]
star Ikon - Airplane [MV]
star Ikon - Climax [LIVE]
star Ikon - Apology [MV]
star Ikon - My type [MV]
star Ikon - Wait for me [MV]
star Infinite - White confession [MV]
star IU - Last Fantasy [MV]
star IU - Sogyeokdong [MV]
star IU - Someday [ LIVE]
star IU - Marshmallow [MV]
star Jang Beom June - Difficult woman [MV]
star Jang Woo Hyuk- The time is (L)over [MV+LIVE]
star Jang Woo Young - R.O.S.E [MV]
star Jang Woo Young - Sexy Lady [MV]
star Jellyfish Entertainment - Because it's Christmas [MV]
star Jellyfish Entertainment - Love in the air [MV]
star Jellyfish Entertainment - Winter Propose [MV]

star Jimin Park - Hopeless love [MV]
star Jinwoon - You walking toward me [MV]
star Jonghyun - End of a day [MV]
star Jun. K - Come back [MV]
star Jun. K - Love & Hate [MV]
star Jun. K - No love [PV+MV]
star Jun. K - Real love [LIVE]
star Jun. K - Sarang annyeong [MV]
star Jung Joon Young - Spotless mind [MV]
star Jung Joon Young - The sense of an ending [MV]
starJung Yong Hwa - One fine day [MV]
star Jung Yong Hwa ft. JJ LIN - Checkmate [MV]
star Junho from 2PM - Feel [MV]
star Junho from 2PM- Hey you [MV]
star Junho from 2PM - Kimi no koe [MV]
starJunho from 2PM - Say yes [LIVE]
star Junho ft. Lee Yu Bi - Cupid's arrow [MV]
star Junhyung - Flower [MV]
star JYJ - Get Out [MV]
star JYJ - In heaven [MV]
star JYP Nation - This Christmas [MV]
star K.Will - Day 1 [MV]
star K.Will - Growing [MV]
star K.Will - I need You [MV]
star K.Will - Lay back [LIVE]
star K.Will - Love blossom [MV]

star K.Will - My Heart Beating[MV]
star K.Will - Please don't [MV]
star K.Will - You don't know love[MV]

star Kan Mi Youn ft. Jun. K (2PM) - Sunshine [MV]
star Kang Seung Yoon - Stealer [MV]
star Kim Dong Wan - He sunshine [MV]
star Kim Dong Wan - I'm fine [MV]
star Kim Hyun Joong - Break Down[MV]
star Kim Hyun Joong - Please [MV]
star Kim Jong Kook - Men are all like that [MV]
star Kim Sung Kyu - 60 Seconds[MV]
star Kim Sung Kyu - I need you [MV]

star Kim Sung Kyu - The answer [MV]
star Kim Sung Kyu ft. Hoya - Daydream [MV]
star Kim Tae Woo ft. Rain & JYJ - My brothers and me [MV]
star Kim Sung Kyu - Kontrol [MV]
star Kyunhyun - A million pieces [MV]
star Kyunhyun - At Gwanghwamun [MV]

star Ladies' code - The rain [MV]
star LEDapple - Time is up [MV]

star Lee Ki Chan - I hope it's not (LIVE)
star Lee Hong Gi - Insensible [MV]
star Lee Hyori ft. Daesung - How did we get [LIVE]

star Lee Min Woo ft. Eric - Taxi [MV]
star Lee Seung Gi - Let's break up [MV]
star Lee Seung Gi - Return [MV]
star LeeSsang - Turned off the tv [MV]
star LeeSsang & Yujin (Seeya) - Tears [MV]
star Leo ft. Lyn - Blossom tears [MV]
star Lyn - Back in time [LIVE]
star Mad Clown ft. Jinsil - Fire [MV]
star MATE - Fly to the sky [LIVE]
star MBLAQ - Cry [MV]
star MBLAQ - It's war [MV]
star MBLAQ - Stay [MV]
star M.I.B. - Only hard for me [MV]
star M.I.B. - Nod along! [MV]
star Minho - I'm him [MV]
star Mino dei Winner - Body [MV]
star Miss A - Goodbye baby [MV]
Miss A - I don't need a man [MV]
star Miss A - Touch [MV]
star MR.MR - Do you feel me [MV]
star MR.MR - Who's that girl [MV]
star MyName - Day by day [MV]
star MyName - Hello & goodbye [MV]
star Nam Taehyun - I'm young [MV]
Naul - Memory of the wind [MV]
star Nell - Four times around the sun [MV]
star Nell - Green nocturne [MV]
star Nell - Lost in perspective [MV]
star Nell - Ocean of light [MV]
star Nell - Star shell [MV]
star Nell - The day before [MV]
star Nell - The great escape [MV]
star Nell - White Night [MV]
star Nell - Words you shouldn't believe [LIVE]
star Noel - I miss you [MV]
NU'est - Action [MV]
NU'est - Face [MV]
star NU'est - Good bye bye [MV]
NU'est - Hello [MV]
NU'est - Not Over You [MV] [LIVE]
star NU'est - Overcome [MV]
One Way featuring Jun.K - Rainy days [MV]
star Park Hyo Shin - Breath [MV]
star Park Hyo Shin - Happy together [MV]
star Park Hyo Shin - I promise you [MV]
star Park Hyo Shin - Shine your light [MV]
star Park Hyo Shin - Wild flower [MV]
star Park Yoo Chun - How much love do u have in your wallet [MV]
Phantom - Burning [MV]
Prepix ft. Yoseob (B2ST) - When I get paid [MV]
star Qi Wei ft. Junho - You're the right one [MV]
star Roy Kim - Bom Bom Bom [MV]
star Roy Kim - Home [MV]
star Roy Kim - I want to love you [MV]
star Roy Kim - It's Christmas day [MV]
star Roy Kim - Love love love [MV]
star Roy Kim - Nothing lasts forever [MV]
star Roy Kim - Pinocchio [MV]
star Roy Kim - Seoul here [MV]
star Roy Kim - Stay [MV]
star Roy Kim - The Great Dipper [MV]
star Roy Kim - When autumn comes [MV]
star Ryeowook - The little prince [MV]
star San E - Story of someone I know [MV]
starSanE ft.Bumkey - Body language [MV]
star SanE ft. Outsider & Changmin - Don't go [MV]
star San E ft. Mad Clown - Sour grape [MV]
star Seo In Guk - Shake it up (MV + LIVE)
star Seo In Guk - With laughter or with tears [MV + LIVE]

star Seo In Guk ft. Verbal Jint - I can't live because of you [MV]
star Seungri - VVIP [MV]
star Se7en - Better together [MV]
star Seven - I'm good [MV]
star Seventeen - Adore U [MV]
Shin Hye Sung - It'd be nice if it were you [LIVE]
star Shin Hye Sung - Roco drama [MV]
star SHINee - Fire [MV]
star SHINee - Hello [MV]
star SHINee - Life [LIVE]
star SHINee - Lucifer [MV + LIVE]
star SHINee - Quasimodo [LIVE]
star SHINee - Romantic [MV]
star SHINee - Sherlock [MV + LIVE]
star Shinhwa - I gave you [MV]
star Shinhwa - Memory [MV]
star Shinhwa - Sniper [MV]
star Shinhwa - Touch [MV]
star Shinhwa - This love [MV]
star Shinhwa - Venus [MV]
star Sistar - Aloner [MV]
star Sistar - I like that [MV]
Song Ji Eun ft. Bang Yong Guk - Going crazy [MV]
star Spica - Ghost [MV]
star Spica - Tonight [MV]
star Spica - You don't love me [MV]
star Starship Planet - Softly [MV]
Super Junior - From U [LIVE]

star Super Junior - It's you [MV]
star Super Junior - Marry U [MV + LIVE1 - LIVE2]
star Super Junior - No Other [MV + LIVE]
star Super Junior D&E - Growing pains [MV]
star Super Junior M - Blue Tomorrow [MV]
star Super Junior M - Me [MV]
star Super Junior M - Super girl [MV]
star Tablo ft.  Jinsil - Bad [MV]
star Tablo ft. Taeyang - Tomorrow [MV]
star Taeyang - 1AM [MV]
star Taeyang - Eyes, nose, lips [MV]
star Taeyang - I need a girl [MV]
star Taeyang - I'll be there [MV]
star Taeyang- Wedding Dress [MV]
star Taeyang - You're my [MV]
star Taeyang ft. G-Dragon - Stay with me [MV]
star T.O.P. - Turn it up [MV]
star U-Kiss - 0330 [MV]
star U-Kiss - Believe [MV]
star U-Kiss - Forbidden love [PV]
star U-Kiss - Neverland [MV+ LIVE ]
star U-Kiss - Stop girl [MV+ LIVE ]
star U-Kiss - Sweetie [MV]
star U-Kiss - Tick Tack [MV]
star Verbal Jint ft. Kang Min Hee - Good start [MV]
star Verbal Jint ft. Sanchez - You deserve better [MV]
star Verbal Jint ft. Sanchez - You look good [MV]
star VIXX - I don't want to be an idol [LIVE]
star VIXX - Thank you for my love [MV]
star Winner - Baby baby [MV]
star Winner - Empty [MV + LIVE]
star Winner - Color ring [MV + LIVE]
star Winner - Don't flirt [LIVE]
star Winner - Go up [MV + LIVE]
star Winner - Sentimental [MV]
star Winner - Smile again [LIVE]
star Wonder Girls - Why so lonely [MV]
star Yesung - Gray paper [LIVE]
star XIA - Flower [MV]
star XIA - Incredible [MV]
star XIA - Yesterday [MV]
star Ze:a - Aftermath [MV]
star Zea:a - Breathe [MV]
star Ze:a - Here I am [MV]
star Ze:a X Five - The day we broke up [MV]


star Della Ding - Wo ai ta [MV]
star Vanness Wu ft. Lee Junho - Unbeatable [MV]
star Vanness Wu - Different man [MV]
star Vanness Wu - Is this all [MV]
star Vanness Wu - Aiya [MV]
star Vanness Wu - Love, Faith, Live [MV]
star Vanness Wu - Marry me  [MV]
star Vanness Wu - Ming Ding [MV]